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How many times a day should dogs eat?

How many times a day should dogs eat?

There are many questions about how many times a day should a dog be fed. The answer depends on your dog's appetite, but should it be at least twice a day.

There are many opinions about the right time for feeding dogs. So, in this article I'll let you choose one of the option that fits your dog's needs.

"How many times per day should I fed my dog?"

1. Your dog eats when he needs to

To let your dog decide to eat wherever he wants is easiest of all. Free choice feeding is good as long as you control your dog. Not all dogs have a stop to eating and this thing could easily lead to overeating and obesity.

Usually the pregnant dogs, puppies and healthy weight dogs are not a worry when you leave them the food for their free choice.

This means that you leave the food out throughout the day and allow your dog to graze. This method can work for highly active dogs who burn more calories.

Also, you must know that if you choose this option you better use dry food that  won’t spoil.

2. You set a time for feeding

Using this method you offer your dog a time frame to eat its food. Let's say you choose to let the dog eat for 15 minutes. Then, you'll remove his bowl, even he has finished to eat or not.

Doing this every time, they'll learn to finish what they have in the bowl and to eat controlled.

You still have to be careful because this method can cause problems for doggos that eats one bowl a day. If your dog is a difficult eater, they may not consume sufficient nutrients within the given time. In the opposite case, some big dogs may feel pressured by time and they can eat too fast. This thing may lead to gastric dilation.

3. You control your dog's portion

Using this method your dog's feeding will be more controlled and you'll determine how much food your dog will eat per day regarding to his breed, age, weight and size.

For doing this right is better to ask your vet what is the right amount of food your dog needs per day.

Portion-controlled feeding is a good choice for overweight dogs or the dogs that doesn't know their eating limit.

With Coco a did the number 1 method: I let the food there all the time and he ate when he was hungry. I learned him to ask when he was thirsty. I was somehow lucky, because I never had food related issues with him.

But that was my case, that's why is better to talk with your vet. He will advice you how it's better to do for your dog.

Also, between meals in the summer days your dog deserves a good treat. Here you can find some ideas of delicious frozen healthy treats for your dog!

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