DOG FACTS: Why Does My Dog Lay Behind Me on the Couch?

DOG FACTS: Why Does My Dog Lay Behind Me on the Couch?

When compared to humans, dogs exhibit several peculiar habits. They desire to express love, fear, anxiety, happiness, excitement, comfort, relief, and other emotions through their outlandish acts.

Similar actions of connecting with their "people" are displayed when laying on the couch behind the owner. What this could mean?

You could have guessed the answer, but let's be clear for everyone.

What does it mean when a dog lays behind your back on the couch?

A shorter answer for your dog laying behind you on the couch could be that he/she wants to feel comfortable and safe.

Laying behind your back also expresses the trust your dog feels around you. Being behind you she/he feels protected while resting.

Behind, comfort, and protection, there are also other possible explanations for this behavior:

ᕯ Love - your dog wants to express its love and affection for you
ᕯ Habit - it may be just a simple habit of your dog to sit behind your back because he feels comfy
ᕯ Safe Heaven - or your dog may just be seeking out some physical comfort by lying behind you
ᕯ Warmness - your dog wants to get warmed snuggling behind your back
ᕯ Separation Anxiety - being anxious and dependent on your presence, your dog will seek any moment to be near you, even behind your back while sitting on the couch
ᕯ Fear of something - your dog may be scared of something and he/she just wants to hide behind you to feel protected
ᕯ Marking territory - a way of telling you: "You are mine" by spreading its scent
ᕯ Trying to protect you - another sign exhibiting protection when laying behind your back
ᕯ Illness - the worst sign, but it could be possible that your dog is feeling sick, or something is hurting it

All of these actions are signs of an affectionate dog breed that forms a close bond with its owner. Whatever the reason, it's clear that your dog enjoys spending time close to you.

However, you should keep an eye on the bad behavior to see if there is a potential issue. For example, don't pass by if your dog feels anxious or scared. To understand your dog's behavior, it is essential to examine its body language.

Should I be worried if my dog is sitting behind me?

If you observe this behavior doesn't indicate illness, fear, anxiety or any other negative act, then you shouldn't worry.

If your dog disturbs you by lying on the couch behind your back, you can train him or her to stop or provide another option that you prefer.

Being affectionate and asking for snuggles, is really cute, tho'. Next time your dog hops up on the couch and plops down behind you, just enjoy the cuddles!

How to make your dog stop sitting behind you

  1. When your dog lays behind you, simply redirect it to another safe spot
  2. Repeat

The effective method to stop a behavior in dogs is to break the routine because they are species of habit. The secret to successfully breaking a habit is redirection.

Begin by offering your dog a different cozy place in the area, or on the couch. To tempt the dog, you can put their preferred blanket, bed, or toy there.

Guide your dog to the spot you've arranged for it when he/she tries to sit behind you. When your dog enters the desired location, reward it with treats and praise. The key to learning your dog a new "behavior" is consistency. This should be done repeatedly until your dog stops sitting behind you.

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So, the main reasons for dogs laying behind their owners on the couch are comfiness, the need to protect and to be protected, affection, or simply a habit, but you must be alert in case your dog is feeling sick, anxious, scared, or possessive.

Like children, dogs exhibit strange behavior that usually means something. Because of this, it's crucial to have a close relationship and to pay attention to what our best friend is trying to convey through their acting.

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