What to Do When Dog is Scared of Thunder? 7 Home Remedies

What to Do When Dog is Scared of Thunder? 7 Home Remedies

The nightmare comes when the thunderstorm comes. Your dog becomes anxious before the rain begins? Then he becomes more and more agitated? Does he start shaking and running from one side of the house to the other? Or he hides under the table or under the bed, quivering worse and worse?

Yes, these are the common signs of fear in dogs that hear thunders.

Usually, dogs are scared of loud sounds and the flash of thunders and they can smell the storm before starting.

Why is my dog so afraid of thunder?

How could you recognize a dog scared of thunder?

  • Tail down
  • Wide eyes
  • Shaking from all the bones
  • Ears back
  • Lip-licking
  • Yawning
  • Chaotic run

How to calm your dog during the thunderstorm


Fortunately, you can help your dog to ease the fear during the storm. Here are some simple steps to keep your dog feeling safe:

1. Turn on the music 🎢

You can calm your dog's fear of thunder and rain by simply turning the music on so that it covers outside noises.

Any source of sound that cancels the storm's sounds will reduce your dog's anxiety and even forget about it. If you know that your dog enjoys a specific song or type of music just turn it on.

You can even try with TV or white noise. Some vets say that classical music works perfectly for scared pets.

2. Be calm and lovely πŸ₯°

Your presence calms your dog. Our behavior and attitude play a big part in calming your doggo. So, the secret is to be calm, relaxed, and lovely to show him that everything is fine.

It's important to distract your pet's attention with cuddles or games. Play fetch or some indoor games that you know your pup enjoys.

During the storm try not to leave your dog alone. It's very important that your dog feels your presence all storm long. Act normal like nothing is happening.

3. Create a Save Haven πŸ•Š

When dogs are scared, they run where they feel the safest – in or under the bed, under the table, etc. That's why is important to make a safe place for your dog during a storm.

A safe haven can be any place your dog feels safe. This place may be your room with some blankets and favorite toys or even treats. Any soundproof room you know your dog feels comfortable and relaxed can be a perfectly safe haven.

Also, it is recommended to pull the curtains so that your pup doesn't see flashes of lightning.

4. Play with its favorite treats

If you know your dog loves certain treats, then you can use this to hack its thunder fear.

Play with your dogs and reward it with a treat. While playing it is important to have a relaxed attitude because your dog can feel you.

So, being calm and playing with treats, can distract your dog from the loud storm.

5. Dress your dog in a Thundershirt

Nowadays, we can even be surprised that some kind of shirt exists. Everything you can't imagine is a click away on Google.

These Thundershirts are specially made for dogs that are terrified by thunder sounds.

Thundershirt for Dogs

Numerous veterinarians, trainers, and pet owners alike suggest ThunderShirt due to its success record of over 80%. 

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6. Train your dog to get used to thunder sounds

Getting your dog used to the sound of storms by playing a recording of thunderstorms very low while eating or playing is a long-term remedy to his anxiety. Don't forget to always reward him with a treat as a reward.

After a few weeks with short sessions and slowly increasing the volume, you'll see a difference in your dog's behavior during storms.

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7. Ask your vet for help

Is important that your vet knows about your dog's anxiety of storms. They can give you specific medications highly safe and effective to calm your friend during thunderstorms.

Speaking of medications, I made research and one of the most effective drugs for dog anxiety is CBD.

cbd oil for dogs
What is CBD? CBD is medical marijuana used in many states in the USA for people that are suffering from different medical issues. But, it is proven that CBD works for pets, especially for relieving stress in dogs, too. It is known to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain.

To sum it up,

We must protect our dogs from thunderstorm anxiety and, fortunately, there are ways to decrease their stress. If we leave them unsupervised there might be unfortunate situations. Many dogs died from storm anxiety.

Protect your friend as much as you can! On the next article! Paws & love! 🐾

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