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Does Microchipping Hurt Dogs? Real PROs & CONs

does microchipping hurt dogs

Dog microchipping is a growingly common method of pet recognition that can help you find your dog faster in case of being lost, escaping or kidnapping.

Regardless of the cause, losing your dog can be traumatic for both of you. Many dog owners still have reservations about the idea of having their pup chipped, though.

Of course, there are drawbacks as well as benefits, so after reading this article, you may decide for yourself whether microchipping your dog is worthwhile.

Are dogs in pain after microchipping?

are dogs in pain after microchipping
No, dogs won't experience any pain after getting a microchip. Microchipping is painless for pets, so you should not worry about this.

To have a wide opinion about microchipping, we highlighted the most important pros and cons.


  • a painless procedure
  • helps you find more quickly your dog in case of being stolen, kidnapped or escaped from the leash
  • costless
  • the microchip never requires replacement
  • it is so small that it is hard to be found by bad people
  • your private data is secure


  • inflammation on the injected zone
  • doesn't work as a GPS to track your dog's location

What are the side effects of microchipping a dog?

Actually, there are no side effects of microchipping a dog. The only possible outcome is that inflammation may appear in that area.

Why should I not microchip my dog?

  1. If you are concerned about the safety and potential health risks of microchipping. Some individuals are concerned about the long-term repercussions of having a foreign object implanted in their dog's body, despite the fact that the procedure is mostly harmless. Also, there have been a few unusual instances of problems like infection or chip migration.
  2. Privacy concerns. Some people fear that microchipping their dog would result in a privacy invasion because the chip could potentially include their personal information that could be accessible to others.
  3. Cost. The price to microchip your dog varies depending on where you live. Due to budgetary limitations, some individuals can decide against doing it.


Microchipping is a controversial subject. The purpose of microchipping is to reduce the risk of accidentally leaving a pet behind. While there are benefits to microchipping dogs, there are also some risks that you should be aware of before deciding to microchip your dog.

Microchipping dogs is a controversial subject. The purpose of microchipping is to reduce the risk of accidentally leaving a pet behind.