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How to Find a Lost Dog: Tips to Help You Find Your Missing Dog Faster

How to Find a Lost Dog: Tips to Help You Find Your Missing Dog Faster

If you're on this article because you just have lost your dog I won't keep you stuck in many introduction phrases.

Here are some of the best tips that may be really useful to find your beloved dog.

"I have lost my dog. What can I do to find him faster?"

#1 Don't lose your mind: Action instead

The first rule in such a situation is to keep calm and to focus on the most efficient actions you can take in order to find your dog.

If you're stressed and panicked you'll lose minutes of taking important actions. I know that it is so hard to stay with your mind clear when you've lost your dog, but try to think that every minute counts.

Take a deep breath and take how many actions you can as fast as you can.

#2 Post on Social Media


The next step is to make a quick post where you mention that you've lost your dog with a representative image of your pup and some essential details. Post it everywhere you have a social account and ask family, friends, and people to share your post.

Groups are important. Make sure you post in lost dog groups and other pet-friendly groups.

#3 Get in Contact to Veterinary Offices, Authorities and Shelters


Contact as soon as you can veterinary offices, authorities, and shelters from your local area. Be sure you gave them all the details about your dog, including a photo. Report your missing dog to all shelters within a radius of at least 50 km.

Keep in touch with the shelters all this time.

If your dog was stolen, contact the authorities and give them all the accurate information and possible clues, in order to find your dog faster.

#4 Post on Lost Dog Websites And Apps


Another solution is to post your missing dog on rescue websites and apps for missing pets.

Make sure the websites and apps are trust-worthy.  Google at least 10 lost dogs website finder and apps.

#5 Pin Lost Dog Posters Everywhere in the Neighbourhood


Another classical solution is to print posters with your missing dog and pin them beginning with your local area and spreading everywhere in town.

Make sure you write your correct phone number and give all the info and description of your dog.

At the same time, you go and pin the posters call out loud your doggo by name. Maybe you have the chance to find him by yourself.

As I said in the beginning, getting your dog lost is a horrible situation with lots of mixed feelings and remorse.

My dog never got lost, but I had friends and family members who did.

A useful piece of advice in case something like this may happen is to constantly update your dog's identification so that he can be easily be identified in case he gets lost.

Stay strong! Paws and love! 🐾