Why are Dogs Afraid of Fireworks? How to Calm an Anxious Dog

Why are Dogs Afraid of Fireworks? How to Calm an Anxious Dog

Fireworks are indeed spectacular and a kind of "tradition" to celebrate holidays, special days, or the New Year. Unfortunately, for dogs, fireworks are the worst nightmare.

Of course, there are some exceptions of dogs that have no problem with the sound of fireworks. This happens because they grew up surrounded by loud sounds. For example, hunting dogs are used with powerful sounds like guns and thunders.

However, fearful dogs that are scared of fireworks are a majority and they must be protected because this anxiety can even lead to death.

πŸŽ‡ Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

german shepherd scared dog of fireworks

For dogs, the scariest thing about fireworks is the loud boom, then the flashing lights.

If you're here, reading this, probably your dog is so scared of fireworks, or you've just been curious why dogs are anxious when they hear the fireworks.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to loud noises. You must know that a dog can hear sounds as high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz. That means dogs can hear sounds that are not loud enough for our ears and you can already imagine how your dog hears an intense boom of a firework.

Independence Day or New Year are simply nightmares for all dogs and other pets. Β 

How the fear of fireworks manifests in dogs:

  • Trembling
  • Hiding
  • Destruction
  • Salivation
  • Urination
  • Running
  • Escaping

🟑 Causes

As it is known, all this noise sensitivity at dogs is related to some traumas - something that scared your dog so much when he was a pup or the lack of exposure to loud sounds from an early age.

Dogs, also perceive strong sounds as a threat.

Another cause of anxiety may be the nature of the breed. Some breeds are more noise-sensitive than other breeds.

How to comfort a dog scared of fireworks?

  1. Stay Indoor
  2. Stay calm
  3. Make a safe space far from the fireworks' sounds
  4. Calm With Snuggles
  5. Ask your vet about possible medications

❢ Stay indoor

dog indoor with its owner

This is the first and the most crucial step.

Maybe your dog stays outdoors most of the time, but it is recommended to bring it inside during the fireworks. In this way you can prevent him from having a heart attack somewhere you can't find him, because he will run and hide. Or maybe, because of the fear he could go outside the house and jump in front of a car.

Keep this in mind to prevent awful situations.

❷ Stay calm

staying calm will help your dog cope with fireworks anxiety
Calm is the key

Staying calm you'll have a positive impact on your dog's anxiety. If we're anxious, our dogs get more anxious. So, it is important to be calm to show you're dog he has nothing to fear of.

❸ Make a safe space far from the fireworks' sounds

safe heaven for dogs that are afraid of fireworks
Sometimes you are your dog's safe haven πŸ˜‡

When dogs are scared of fireworks, they run where they think they feel the safest – in the narrowest places. That's why is important to make a safe "heaven" for your dog during the "boomings".

A safe place can be any place your dog feels safe. This place may be your room with some blankets and favorite toys or even treats. Any soundproof room you know your dog feels comfortable and relaxed can be the perfect "safe haven".

Plus, it is recommended to pull the curtains, so that your dog doesn't see the flashes of lightning.

Also, you can try to play some music so that you can cover the sounds of the fireworks.

❹ Calm With Snuggles

snuggles for distressing dogs
Dogs love snuggles

You must know that YOU are your dog's guardian angel in these moments. Your dog feels the safest when he feels your presence. So, that's why it is so important to give your pup lots of snuggles, scratches, and attention during the fireworks.

This method really matters and there is nothing better for him than you being next to him.

❺ Ask your vet about possible medications

It is important to have a talk about your dog's anxiety of fireworks. Vets can give you specific medications that are highly safe and effective to calm your dog during fireworks.

🌿 Speaking of medications, one of the most effective drug for dog anxiety is CBD.

CBD = medical marijuana used in many states in the USA for people that are suffering from different medical issues.

It is proven that CBD works for pets, especially for relieving stress in dogs, too.


I know that fireworks may be an amazing way to celebrate special events, but try to keep your dog safe if you know he gets anxious because of them.

I really hope these methods can help you ease your dog’s anxiety and keep him calm during loud sounds.

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On the next article! Paws & love! 🐾