Siberian Husky Separation Anxiety: Symptoms & How to Stop It

Are Huskies prone to separation anxiety? Yes. Does your Husky seem to be anxious when your away? if the answer is yes, then this article is for you. ✨

Siberian Husky Separation Anxiety: Symptoms & How to Stop It

Huskies, which are extremely clever and sociable, have been bred for countless generations to coexist peacefully and productively with people. As a result, when kept apart from their owners for a lengthy amount of time, they may develop separation anxiety.

Husky Separation Anxiety Symptoms

Separation anxiety is a common behavior issue in dogs , and Huskies are not excluded.

The symptoms of separation anxiety in Huskies are:

β†’ destructive behavior
β†’ excessive barking or howling
β†’ attempts to escape or break out of their confinement
β†’ depression or lethargy

How to deal with Husky separation anxiety?

How to deal with Husky separation anxiety?
Photo by Jackson Simmer / Unsplash

What to do with Husky while at work or away? There are several ways to help alleviate separation anxiety in huskies:

  1. Desensitization gradually: This entails extending the husky's time apart from its owner on a regular basis. The idea is to make the dog more at ease with extended periods of alone. Starting out with short absences from the house, you can progressively extend your absences as the husky gets used to them.
  2. Give your Husky a lot of exercise: A happy husky is a tired husky. Your dog's anxiety and stress levels can be decreased by giving it lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Additionally, an exhausted husky is less likely to engage in harmful activities.
  3. Leave treats and toys: You can keep your Husky occupied and distracted while you are away by leaving toys and snacks for it. Particularly beneficial for keeping your dog active and lowering stress are puzzle or chew toys.
  4. A pet sitter or doggie daycare may be an option: If your husky is prone to separation anxiety, you might want to enroll them in doggie daycare or hire a pet sitter to look after it while you are absent. This may lessen their anxiousness and give them the necessary socializing.
  5. Leave them to your family or friends: If it is possible, bring them to your family or a family member or friend that stays at home so they can look after your husky until you get back.

How long can I leave my Husky alone?

If your husky is prone to separation anxiety, it is usually recommended that you avoid leaving them alone for longer than 4-6 hours at a time. Because they are sociable creatures, Huskies can get bored and destructive when left alone for a lengthy period of time.

Siberian Husky separation anxiety is a frequent problem that, if left untreated, may lead to a lot of stress and suffering. It helps to detect the signs of husky separation anxiety and take the necessary steps to make your pet more at ease while you are away. You can make your Husky feel safer and more relaxed when you are not home with a little time and effort, which can result in a better and more positive relationship between you and your furry friend.

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