Do Vizslas Have Separation Anxiety? Full Explained Guide

Do Vizslas Have Separation Anxiety?  Full Explained Guide
Photo by Genadi Yakovlev / Pexels

Vizsla is an extremely energetic dog breed that seeks attention from everyone, especially their owners. That's why this dog is considered one of the most affectionate dog breeds that want to be loved.

A very short history: Vizsla is a Hungarian dog breed with aristocratic origins. This breed was used as a pointer and retriever.

Vizslas are excellent buddies for lively families who can give them the activity and attention they require. Whereas these dogs are very affectionate, they do not adapt well to apartment living. They'd rather have a large yard in which to gallop around and burn away their energy.

Kindly advise: If you have a Vizsla and live in an apartment, be sure he/she receives daily walks and exercise.

Meet Luna πŸ“Έ @elisaszilagyi

This dog is known to have a Velcro nature, which means that your Vizla loves to stick with you everywhere you'll go.

Can Vizsla be left alone?

Vizslas don't tolerate being left alone and they will suffer much in their family's absence.

How many hours can a Vizsla be left alone?

Their time alone shouldn't be more than 4 hours, left with all the good conditions to feel safe and away from potential danger.

Tho', some Vizslas are ok with being alone for 4 to almost 5 hours, others cannot cope with even 1 hour alone. That's why is it good to know your Vizsla limits and not test his limits without proper training.

Here is a table by age tolerance. It may help you estimate the time that your Vizsla can resist staying alone but be sure you always check that with your vet because all dogs are different.

Vizsla Age Tolerate being alone
1-10 weeks under 1 hour
10-12 weeks 1 hour
1-5 months 1 hour
5+ months 2-3 hours
1-2+ years 4-5 hours

Are Vizslas prone to separation anxiety?

Yes, Vizslas are prone to severe separation anxiety, actually.

What caused this to happen? Vizslas have always been bred to work closely with their humans and have a rich history of performing as hunting dogs.

Strong relationships were formed fast as a result of spending so much time with their owners. Even after a long day at work, Vizslas would look for support and affection from their owner.

Can separation anxiety be cured in Vizslas?

Unfortunately, this separation anxiety can't be fixed forever, just kept within normal limits.

Their anxiety can be reduced with daily training, encouragement, and targeted stimulation. However, spending too much time alone will raise anxiety, agitation, self-harming, and aggression.

VERDICT: Vizsla is among those dog breeds that suffer the most from separation anxiety.

Symptoms of separation anxiety:

  • Howling & Barking & Crying
  • Chewing, destruction & digging
  • Pacing
  • Peeing and Defecating around the house
  • Escaping

Some ways to ameliorate separation anxiety in your Vizsla

  1. Exercise by leaving the house for 2 minutes, then come back and reward your pup with some treats and cuddles like nothing happened and you're not going to abandon him/her. Increase the minutes daily. In this way, you may transmit to your Vizsla that it's ok to stay alone and that you'll be coming back to her/him.
  2. Create a safe haven: a place in your room, maybe, or somewhere your dog feels more familiar. Bring some toys he/she likes and even something that belongs to you, so that he/she can smell your scent.
  3. Remove everything sharp or that represents potential danger. Remember that anxious dogs tend to self-harm while trying to escape, so it's better to be precautios.
  4. A window or a transparent door should be helping more to distract your dog with the outside living.
  5. A camera to monitor him/she while you're away. Even a camera that has rewards options or a microphone so that you can talk with your dog (this should be tested before to be sure your dog will not become more anxious).
  6. Friends, relatives, or neighbors that could check your furry friends once at 1-2 hours.
  7. Favorite calming music in the background
  8. CBD oil to reduce anxiety - for this you should discuss it with your vet - AKC has an interesting article about it.

How much attention does a Vizsla need?

Short answer: pretty much.

Vizsla is a highly active breed that requires at least 60 minutes of daily activity. This breed adores lengthy walks, running, fetching, and participating in dog sports.

Also, love, attention, and spoiling are a must.

Can you have a Vizsla in an apartment?

πŸ“Έ @elisaszilagyi

Yes, you can have a Vizsla in an apartment, tho it is not recommended. As an energetic dog breed, they would enjoy a large yard where to play and run.

If you're leaving in an apartment, be sure your dog receives the daily exercise they require.

Is Vizsla a rare breed?

Actually, no. Vizslas are one of the most popular dog breeds, ranking 31st out of 193rd, according to AKC. Their popularity is growing, and it's clear to see why, given their stunning coat, agility, and devotion.

Why you should get a Vizsla

There are many reasons why to get a Vizsla. The first one is that you will have a devoted friend for life.

If you are an active person, then you have found your best buddy, because Vizslas adore being implicated in sports activities.

This dog breed is sociable and friendly with other animals and strangers.

Vizslas are extremely smart and fast learners.

They are known to be great family companions and they really love kids.

Vizslas are remarkably sweet, gentle, lively and loving.

You cannot resist their stunning appearance: short, sleek golden/red roast coat with no undercoat, so no need for complicated grooming. They occasionally shed.

Why you should not get a Vizsla

You should not get a Vizsla if you believe you'll not have enough time for it. Vizslas need more time spent together, along with love, attention, and daily exercise.

As they are sensitive and Velcro dogs they're prone to separation anxiety. So if you know your work program won't allow you to take proper care of your Vizsla, then do not get one.

As mentioned, Vizslas tend to follow you, anywhere you'll go. If you don't mind this, then it's perfect!

This dog is a highly energetic hunting breed that needs lots of exercise. You must be conscious that he requires proper exercise and daily walks along with mental stimulation.

Hope you find this article helpful. Paws and love until the next article! 🐾

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