Are Poodles Lazy Dogs? Here's What You Must Know

Are Poodles Lazy Dogs? Here's What You Must Know
Photo by RR Rivera / Unsplash

These fancy curly dog breeds are famous for their appearance and lively nature. Poodles are wonderful companions, and their owners could never get bored with them. This curly dog breed is by nature lively, goofy, and funny.

Poodles are actually known for being one of the most energetic dog breeds. They need constant exercise due to their high level of energy.

In general, Poodles are active and playful, always seeking attention and activities to do.

There are some people tho' that are curious if Poodles are lazy dogs, and if they can be couch potatoes depending on their size.

Can Poodles be Lazy?

Absolutely not. Poodles cannot be lazy. If it happens that your Poodle is lazy then probably it feels lethargic and it is a sign that you should immediately visit a vet.

Contrary, Poodles are athletic dog breeds that need daily exercises and walks. They enjoy running, swimming, fetching, agility training, sniffing, and interactive treats games.

Otherwise, they'll get bored and lethargic, which they'll usually show by acting hyperactively or barking and chewing destructively.

Let's take a closer look at every size of the Poodle.

#Standard Poodle

can standard poodle be lazy
"Who said I'm lazy?" Photo by Kanashi / Unsplash

Standard Poodles are large dogs that can measure about 18 – 24 in.

Despite their size, they are not low-energy dogs; on the opposite. Standard Poodles are clever, active dogs who thrive with lots of exercises, training, and human interaction.

Although they are playful, they also make the ideal cuddling buddies. Think about being embraced by a truly enormous teddy bear. They enjoy cuddling with their owners, thus the sensation is wonderful.

#Miniature Poodles

are miniature poodles lazy
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Miniature Poodles measure about 15 inches.

This medium size of Poodle is an energetic curly ball that absolutely loves to play all day and spend much time with its owner. There's no way for Miniature Poodles to be lazy butts.

Poodles generally have a strong bond with their owners, as they are called "one-person dogs", so they'll enjoy your presence everywhere you'll go.

Speaking of affection and strong bonds, you may be interested to know the story of my Poodle that lived for 17 years. Your Poodle will live longer if you give him more love and attention.

As they are so devoted and sticked to their owners they are prone to separation anxiety. That's why it is not indicated to leave your Poodle for hours alone at home.

#Toy Poodles

are toy poodles lazy
Did someone say I'm lazy?

Toy Poodles stand no more than 10 inches.

Small, curly, and beautiful, you cannot love this size of Poodle.

Toy Poodles are highly energetic, too. They require daily exercises as their bigger-sized "brothers". Being so small, it is easier to take them anywhere with you. Not to mention that they can be the greatest teddy bears to hug by night.

If they get bored, they can begin to bark (excessively). It is advised to start socialization and training early in order to prevent this.

So, we can conclude that with such a playful breed there's no way to get bored, especially if you are an active person.

Summing up, Poodles can never be lazy, as they are made by nature to be energetic dog breeds. They were originally water dogs.

Given that these dogs were initially intended to be water retrievers, the Poodle got its name from swimming in the water. They were bred to return ducks and other birds to their owners. So, over years, they haven't forgotten their abilities.

If your Poodle becomes lazy and lethargic it is highly recommended to visit a vet ASAP.

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