Why Poodles are the Best Dogs: 9 Reasons to Have One

Why Poodles are the Best Dogs: 9 Reasons to Have One
Photo by Corey Lankford / Unsplash

Poodles are those curly-haired dogs, full of energy, stylish, and highly intelligent that you would definitely love to have as a companion. Besides, that curly hair and the regal attitude stay a happy and loving soul that would love to give the best of him to make you always smile.

This dog breed is one of the most loyal and dedicated breeds that choose their owners and stays faithful to them all their life. Smart, with strong personalities, Poodles are perfect for any kind of human: kids, elders, teenagers, couples, and even persons with physical disabilities. They are great service dogs, too.

From my experience, having a Poodle for 17 years old simply filled my life with happiness. Short introduction: his name was Coco, a miniature white-gold Poodle. I met my best friend when I was 10. I never thought how much joy it would bring me to have a pure soul near me. We grew up together. Now I’m 26, he is 17. His life ended here, but he is and will be in my heart forever. I like to remember him as the young and happy Coco.

Why Poodles are the best dogs? What makes the so special?

1. They are amazing friends

My dog Coco 🌈

The most important reason why to have a Poodle, and actually any kind of dog, in general, is that you will have a friend for life. Poodles are especially known to be one-person dogs.

Having Coco was a blessing. He chose me to be “his person” the night he was brought home.
He was there for me at every happy or sad moment. He stayed with me and with my youngest brother when our parents were working. He was near me everywhere I was. It wasn’t a night to sleep alone when I was home. I always had this fear of the darkness, but if Coco was there the fear disappeared.

Coco was a real fren’. He went with me through every breakup, every cry, and every illness. I remember when I had severe stomachaches he always put his head on my belly. I don’t know how, maybe it was a superpower, or he just had a placebo effect upon me, but after a while, every pain went away.

I never felt alone with my Coco.

2. Generally in a good mood, but empathetic with human emotions

poodles are empathetic

Poodles have pleasant-natured personalities. They are generally in a good mood. Rarely you will see a moody poodle, but with a good reason (depression, agitation, or decreased interaction).

For example, Coco has been always happy and in a good mood. He became agitated when someone was arguing or fighting. He was getting nervous whenever there were storms. He was always afraid of rain and storms.

Poodles are also very alert with emotional intelligence that make a perfect connection to human emotions. They always connect with the owner’s moods. They’re always eager to help. That’s why they are considered one of the best service dogs that quickly react to the needs of their owners.

Another example is that Coco always felt me at my worst. He always tried to calm me out by cuddling or simply embracing me with his love and kisses. He always found a way to make me feel better. He even tried to amuse me with its clingy behavior or by doing zoomies, or by putting his paw on me. But, even though he was always trying to cheer me up, he was very empathetic. When I was sad, he was, too. When I was happy and excited he was, too. If I would have screamed, he would have barked, too. It’s really incredible, how this empathy works between dogs and owners.

Having Coco in the most important period of my life has been pure therapy!

3. Poodles are funny

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds due to their versatility, good mood, and sense of humor. They are athletic with a lot of energy that helps them perform in every canine competition.
This curly-haired dog breed is also very intelligent and trainable. That’s why they can learn many tricks.
Poodles are always funny through their behavior: they’re clingy, they do out-of-nowhere zoomies, they run and play to get your attention and the list can longer continue.

They strive for attention and they’ll do anything to be spoiled. Coco always asked for attention and I could never resist his cuteness and silly behavior. He jumped, ran, played, and barked, but in a funny way that you can't help but laugh.

4. Poodles are loyal and protective

poodles are royal and protective
“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”

Yes, Poodles are among the most loyal and protective dogs. I must remember that Poodles were actually hunting dog breeds in the past. Their love for their owner is indescribable. That’s why Poodles can be sometimes overprotective.

Coco was always protective of me even when it was about the member of the family. For example, when I was sleeping no one could touch me. He was covering me completely and when my dad or my mom approached to touch me, he would not let them and lightly bite them by playing.

He was so loyal. Although he loved the other members of the family very much, he was loyal to me and was always by my side. Even to the bathroom. Or if I didn’t let him enter with me, he waited patiently until I went out. He even got happier when he saw me as if I had missed all day.

Another memory was when we went on the summer holiday with our aunt that lives in the countryside. Everyone knows what a special bond was between me and Coco. My aunt let him sleep inside with me only because of this. One day I remember I had to go to buy some sugar at 5 min distance by foot. I let Coco outside in the yard with my aunt and my grandma and never thought that he couldn't resist without me. One minute after I left I heard my grandma and auntie screaming at Coco. When I looked back, I saw Coco jump over the fence that was 2m ft. He ran up to me and I had nowhere to go but to take him with me.

So yes, Poodles are loyal and protective and sometimes a bit overprotective.

5. Poodles are loving and always there for a cuddle

poodles are loving

Love is the main virtue that describes Poodles perfectly. They’re absolute snuggle bugs, always there for a cuddle. Hugs really improve our mental health and even though Poodles don't have arms to hug, you'll simply feel hugged by their enormous love for you.

As I know and everywhere I read about their loving behavior, Poodles are more cuddling regarding to their size. For example, Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle (like Coco) tend to be more loving than Standard Poodle.

Actually, there are many different signs of affection that your Poodle can show you on a daily basis:

  • Getting thrilled when you arrive home - the best feeling was when I got home and opened the door: then I knew I found love
  • Physical contact with you (when he put a paw on you or when it sits on you)
  • Playing with you - an everyday activity for me and Coco
  • Licking you when he gets the chance - Coco randomly kissed me wherever he could, very gently and loving
  • Making frequent eye contact with you - This happened in our case too, eye contact was an everyday “ritual”

6. Poodles are highly intelligent

poodles are highly intellingent

Poodles are extremely smart and easy to train. When it comes to obedience and work, they’re really good at it. These doggos have a high instinctive intelligence because they really know to adapt. Their eagerness makes them great service dogs. Poodles are also good as guide dogs for people with physical disabilities. Not to forget about the fact that they are amazing therapy dogs because of their pleasant disposition and happy soul.
Also, in their history, they’ve been great hunting dogs due to their “sharp” noses.

I always said I had a smart dog because he always was attentive and alert, and he always knew what I was feeling. He also played with us a lot. We’ve learned him from an early age to play hide and seek. It was really fun.

7. Poodles don’t shed - hypoallergenic dog breeds

Poodles are hypoallergenic dog breeds perfect for people with allergies. They don’t really shed and drool. Poodles are known to be hypoallergenic dogs for their special and unique coat that is actually hair, not fur. This hair doesn't t shed, but grows.
Most animal allergies are actually reactions to specific animal dander. At Poodles, any stray hair or dander is retained in their coat that can be brushed out. Actually, all dogs have dander, but Poodles have a low level, and the little they have is caught in their coat and can be brushed out easily.

Coco never shed. I mean I found rarely some hairs from Coco.

8. Among the healthiest dog breeds

Yes! Poodles are among the healthiest dog breeds with a lifespan of 12-15 years. They are considered to be a strong dog breed with few health issues. This breed’s history shows that Poodles can live a healthy long life.
Some of the most common Poodle health issues are:

  • hip dysplasia
  • gastric torsion
  • Addison’s Disease
  • thyroid issues
  • eyes, ears, and skin problems
  • epilepsy
  • cancer

One good thing to know is that most Poodles live perfectly healthy and active until their last year of life.

Coco lived happily and healthily for 17 years without any serious illness. He only had some small problems with the year infection. But until the last year of his life, he lived a healthy life. He got ill the last year, but because of old age.

9. One of the most playful dog breeds in the world

As you might know, Poodles are at the top of the list for being a highly active dog breed. They love to play, run and fool around to get all the attention.

For example, it wasn't a day for Coco not to have zoomies or play. This energy stands in their bones, they can't stay chill for more than half an hour.

Their energy gives you a good mood and relieves stress. Believe me, having Coco helped me deal with my stress and anxiety due to its happy and playful mood.

Summing up, one of the many qualities of the Poodle is to make you laugh. Poodles are highly active dogs that love to run and play. They also have a clingy personalities that will definitely make your days better.

Having a Poodle as a best friend you’ll feel loved and protected. This dog breed doesn’t like being alone. He gets attached immediately.

The words that better describe Poodles are: loyal, smart, sensitive, loving, gentle, empathetic, playful, active, funny, and protective.

They are also very charming and gentle and come in four varieties: Toy, Miniature, Medium, and Standard, and lots of colors: white, cream, brown, and black with varieties of these.

If I didn’t convince you yet that Poodles are one of the most beautiful and special doggos that is worth being your best friend for life, then maybe you’ll change your mind when reading the mentioned facts.

Love and paws until the next article! 🐾