6 Most Playful Dog Breeds [Small, Medium, Large]

6 Most Playful Dog Breeds [Small, Medium, Large]

The energy level of dogs is very important because each person should choose a dog with the same physical condition or at least, a similar one.

Energetic breeds need to play a lot, run, see new places, and walk. This level of energy is present in dogs of all sizes, so it will be easy to find the right breed.

High-energy dog breeds are also a blessing in a family with kids. As you may know, dogs are considered therapy for kids because they play, give attention, keep company, and have care, things that kids need in their period of growth.

So, active dog breeds are perfect not only for active people but for people who need someone in their life and for kids, too. Let's find out which is the most active dog breed.

What is the most playful dog breed?

  1. Caniche/Poodle
  2. Golden Retriever
  3. Siberian Husky
  4. Border Collie
  5. Australian Shepherd
  6. Jack Russell Terrier

1. Poodle - A dog breed with unlimited energy

medium-sized poodle/caniche
Coco, my best friend forever (a medium-sized Poodle)

Poodles are on the top of the list for a good reason: they are never getting tired.

Being one of the most playful and active dog breeds, the Poodle requires daily walks, exercise, training, and even mental stimulation.

This breed is known for being an extremely dedicated, affectionate, and intelligent dog that forms close bonds with its owner and will go out of his way to please him.

Poodle's Must Know:

🐩  The Poodle originated in France as well as Germany, according to popular belief.

🐩 Poodle sizes:  standard, medium, miniature, and toy.

🐩 A purebred dog with a royal attitude, but also very playful and goofy.

🐩  Very loving and loyal to its owner. Also known as "one person dog".

🐩 A breed with a high level of energy. They are also called "dogs on bows".

The Standard Poodle was originally used by wildfowl hunters to retrieve game from water. The smaller varieties of the breed were bred from the original in France where they were once commonly used as circus performers, but have become popular companion dogs. - Wikipedia

This breed is considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. They are very receptive to training, but they can be very destructive, too if you don't give them attention or you leave them alone.

His interaction with strangers should be a bit aloof and reserved for the first time. After a while, he will get friendly and warm once he realizes that the new person can be trustworthy with no harm to the owner and family.

Well-cared and loved Poodles will respond with so much love and devotion. Usually, he is quite calm, but he becomes nervous and overprotective of his owner if he is in an insecure environment.

Poodle's average life span is 12-15 years. The most common diseases at Poodles are heart disease or cancer. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent this, but regular vet checks and a healthy lifestyle can increase the length of your friend's life.

More about Poodles:

  • Perfect for apartments
  • Hates being alone
  • Very sensitive
  • Kids & family-friendly
  • Low shedding
  • Needs to be groomed frequently

2. Golden Retriever - Playful and lively with anyone

golden retriever - pexel source

Golden Retrievers are the most popular dogs around the world and especially in the United States and the UK.

Goldens are pure love. Their loyalty, intelligence, and love for people make them great companions for all ages. They are a blessing in families with kids. Their calm and patience with children are amazing. Also, these doggos are not capable of being aggressive with other dogs or strangers. It's in their nature to be kind and friendly.

This purebred is highly capable of training. Goldens are very active dogs, always there for play and such a good guide for other deaf and blind dogs. They are also good in disability assistance, therapy, tracking, and sniffing out.

Goldens are one of the best dog breeds known for being fabulous furry athletes, very agile and competitive and excel in dog competitions.

The Golden Retriever is a medium-large, strongly built breed with a dense wavy coat and tail. They can live around 10-12 years.

The breed is susceptible to specific ailments, so pets should be taken to a veterinarian for yearly checkups.

Golden Retrievers are known to have genetic disorders and other diseases. Their common disorder is hip dysplasia. Another health issue common at Golden Retrievers is obesity: these dogs love to eat.

More about Golden Retrievers:

  • Perfect for large spaces (they can live in an apartment, too, but they'll need a lot more movement)
  • Hates being alone
  • Very sensitive
  • Kids & family-friendly
  • High shedding
  • Needs to be groomed frequently

3. Siberian Husky - Always with 100% battery charged

siberian Husky - pexels source

The Siberian Husky dog breed is one of the most beautiful athletic dog breeds. His appealing appearance looks like that of a wolf: a beautiful thick coat in a multitude of colors, blue or multi-colored eyes, and striking facial masks.

Originating in Siberia, this wonderful dog was a working sled dog breed in the past. Now, he is a companionship-active, playful, and lovable house pet whose ancestors lived in the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian Arctic. Today, Siberian Huskies are still frequently used as sled dogs in competitive and recreational winter sports.

Huskies need a large space to run and where they can be active. Because of his high level of energy, you have to prevent escapes by having a high fence that goes all the way into the ground. By giving your Husky enough activities you can reduce unwanted behaviors or boredom, like escape attempts or involuntary destruction.

Huskies usually howl instead of barking. Their behavior is unique and unforgettable: they dig under, chew, roll in the garden or in mud, and jump over fences. They are like escape artists - intelligent but can be stubborn because of their independence, impulsivity, and inattention. That's why they need training from an early age to learn obedience.

The Siberian Husky is a medium to large-sized breed that weighs between 16-27 kg. They need big spaces where to run free.

These hyperactive dogs need the constant companionship of people and other dogs. They have this very strong need to feel like being part of a pack.

The Husky dogs have no aggression towards humans or any other animals at all.

Their life span is between 12 to 14 years. The common health issues are mainly genetic - eye problems (like juvenile cataracts, corneal dystrophy) and seizures. They're also prone to gastric disease and bronchitis.

More about the Siberian Husky breed:

  • Perfect for large spaces
  • Hates being alone
  • Very sensitive
  • Friendly with everyone
  • Tolerates cold weather
  • Shedding a lot

4. Border Collie - Amazing agile dogs, always in for a play

border collie - pixabay source

Border Collies are medium playful dog breeds with unlimited energy. They are highly intelligent and trainable dogs and excel in various canine sports like obedience, agility, tracking,  flyball, and flying disc competitions.

Besides their energy and intelligence, they are great family companions that keep you active all day long.

Border Collies are very loving and demanding. But you must know that when boredom occurs, many border collies are dealing with problematic behaviors, such as chewing everything, and hole digging. This breed can exhibit a strong desire to herd, but this built-in drive can sometimes manifest a little bit negatively. They might chase after cars or bikes. Border Collies are still used nowadays to herd sheep on farms around the world.

Compared with other dog breeds they require considerably more daily physical training and mental stimulation.

Border Collies are medium-sized dogs with a moderate amount of coat prone to shedding. Black and white is the most commonly seen color pattern of this breed, but there are many colors of these doggos.

If they receive plenty of play and exercise, they thrive really well with humans or other dogs.

Border Collie's natural life span is between 12 and 15 years. Common health issues are cancer, old age, and cerebral vascular afflictions.

More about Border Collies:

  • Perfect for large spaces (they can live in an apartment, too, but they'll need a lot more movement)
  • Hates being alone
  • Very sensitive
  • Kids & family-friendly
  • Strangers friendly
  • Moderate shedding
  • Basic grooming needs

5. Australian Shepherd - Wonderful family companions

Australian Shepherd - pexels source

The Australian Shepherd dog breed's origin comes from the United States, not Australia as the name suggests. He was a breed of herding dog in the past and today he has become one of the most popular companion dog breeds in the United States.

They are wonderful family companions if they receive many pieces of training and activities to channel their energy. Yes, they are very active and athletic dogs that are great at dog sports. They can become destructive if it doesn't receive adequate exercise.

In general, these dogs are pretty healthy breeds, but they can have several health issues, such as epilepsy, blind from birth, and cataracts. Their health concerns are more for eye problems.

Australian Shepard's average lifespan is between 11-13 years.

More about the Australian Shepard breed:

  • Perfect for large spaces
  • Hates being alone
  • Very sensitive
  • Kids & family-friendly
  • Strangers friendly
  • Medium shedding

6. Jack Russell Terrier - Big energy in small body

Small energetic dog breed- jack russel terrier

When it comes to small energetic dog breeds, Jack Russell Terrier is on this top list.

The most known dog from movies is a small and cute dog and it's like thunder due to its energy. He is a highly active dog that needs lots of training for avoiding unwanted behavior.

Jack Russell Terrier is a loving friend, a perfect devoted companion for families. If you're an active person, then you found your half! This small dog breed can be a good jogging mate when he grows.

More about Jack Russell Terrier:

  • Perfect for large spaces (due to its high energy)
  • Hates being alone
  • Sensitive
  • Kids & family-friendly
  • Strangers friendly
  • Medium shedding
  • Healthy breed

At first, this small, adorable, and affectionate dog may seem like a good choice for new pet parents and apartment dwellers. But you may find yourself surprised at this little pup’s energy and intensity. These small playful dog breeds need plenty of exercise and firm, consistent training, or else they may act out with unwanted behaviors. That said, if you know how to handle a bit of rowdiness and can keep up with an energetic pup, you’ll be rewarded with a loving and loyal friend for life.

There are more active dog breeds to write about, but these six mentioned are the most playful and active dogs.

It is very important that every dog owner finds the right pet for their own needs and desires, according to the lifestyle adopted. So, if you're an active person that loves dogs, try to choose a dog that you could care for a lifetime. And if you could have the chance to adopt, just do it and make a little soul happy.

Love and paws 'till the next article!🐾

If you are curious what are the least active dog breeds, I've made a selection with the laziest dog breeds that are the perfect couch potatoes to cuddle with.