Dogs Facts: Why Does My Dog Sneeze When I Come Home?

Did you know that sneezing is not the only way dogs show their excitement and love when their owners come home? There are several other behaviors that your furry friend might exhibit to show their affection, and we'll explore them in detail in the article. So keep reading to learn more!

Dogs Facts: Why Does My Dog Sneeze When I Come Home?
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Is your dog sneezing when you get home? As dog parents, we already know that they behave strangely and uncontrollably when we return home after a short amount of time. This strange behavior is manifested with overjoyed such as jumping, running around, whimpering and whining, and also sneezing out of nowhere.

There are some reasons for sneezing in dogs like excitement, or some irritating or strange bodies breathed into their noses.

Doggos may also sneeze as a result of inhaling irritants like grass and pollen. Nasal mites in dogs can also cause sneezing and, in some cases, nasal discharge.

We all know that dogs have extremely sensitive noses. Seeing them sneeze when they're excited it's really funny, and because it happens so frequently, we accept it as typical behavior. But why is this happening? Is there ever anything significant that we need to be concerned about?

Why my dog is sneezing when I come home?

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Our pups can communicate emotions through a complex set of behaviors, postures, and vocalizations. Sneezing is simply one of the many ways they communicate: "I'm happy, let's play together!" or "I'm having such a great time!" They frequently do it as a warning, during harsher play activities to say: "Oh, this is great, but don't let it turn into a fighting".

What exactly is an excited sneeze in dogs?

The source of this isn't a nasal irritation and not even a method to clear their nose. This is a significantly shallower sneeze, usually consisting of a huff of air followed by a sharp expiration. This can sound like a sneeze and even generate saliva sometimes. However, it is an emotional reaction rather than a physical one.

When you should be concerned

It is not a serious problem if your dog is sneezing because of a minor allergy diagnosis established by your vet. If you'll notice that your dog is sneezing more often, you can keep a watchful eye on it and examine its health on time.

If your dog's sneezing is followed by pain, fatigue, nasal discharge, or coughing, it should be examined by a veterinarian to check out a respiratory infection or disease.

Hope you enjoyed the article! Paws & love until the next time! 🐾

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