What Does it Mean When a Dog Stares at You for a While

What Does it Mean When a Dog Stares at You for a While
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Our dogs are our dearest friends, that cannot communicate with us as we humans do.

However, dogs clearly communicate their emotions to us through a variety of bizarre behaviors.

Staring is a common dog behavior that typically indicates that our mate wants our attention.

But what does it mean when your dog stares at you for a long time?

Most of the time, dogs will stare at their owners to show affection, just like people do when they are in love.  This is actually a bonding process that is greatly aided by the oxytocin hormone, which also increases sentiments of trust and love.

So, the first thing to know if your dog stares at you for a while is because he loves you, trusts you and he is comfortable around you.

Here are other reasons why your dog is having this long staring behavior:

  • Your dog tries to read you. The dogs are patiently waiting for us to take action that will affect them. For instance, they wait for the quick pick up the leash, or some other command, or simply wait to invite them near us on the couch. They will therefore keep an eye out for an indication. The same is applicable for meals, playtime, trips, and a lot more occasions.
  • Catching your attention. Your best mate tries to catch all your attention. Maybe he wants to play or to go for a walk, or he just wants you to observe it and give it attention in return.
  • Trying to manipulate owners/ advanced beggars. If your dog is desiring something it will try to manipulate you with its begging skills, including long staring.
  • Tells you how it feels in that moment. Some dogs exhibit the long-staring behavior when they want to convey their emotions to their owners. Be aware of what your dog is trying to tell you so you can respond quickly if they become ill.

Therefore, most of dog staring is a mix of affection and attentiveness. Your dog is probably attracted to you or is attempting to communicate with you.

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