What Does It Mean When Your Dog Stares at You and Whines

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Stares at You and Whines

Our dogs can talk, but they can express themselves through facial expressions and sounds. Many dog behaviors that appear strange to us are actually quite important signals that our furry friends try to transmit.

Staring and whining are two of them. But what does it mean, though, when both are executed?

Why is my dog looking at me and whining?

When your dog stares at you while whining he/she tries to seek your attention. But the attention they aim to "steal" from us appears in some circumstances:

  • Excitement - Your dog is excited to experience it with you because of something he is thrilled about
  • Desire to be petted - Your dog only wants to be petted, he/she wants your whole attention and affection. Just make a small reading break and pet your doggo ♥️
  • Boredom - Even animals get bored occasionally; perhaps your dog is telling you to do something fun like go for a walk, play, or make some new friends
  • Play - Your pup wants to play with you
  • Anxiety - Something is bothering your furry friend, make sure you observe the source of his anxiety and try to comfort it
  • Something hurts - When our dogs are in pain, they will occasionally whine and stare at us as a way of trying to inform us. If this happens, be sure to investigate the source of the discomfort, if there is any, and seek immediate medical attention.

So, when your dog stares at you and whines it genuinely means that it wants YOUR ATTENTION

pug stares and whines
"Gib me attention, please!"

If you look at these two actions independently, they essentially say the same thing.

Frequent dog stares are, as they appear is a statement of love. Dogs will stare at their owners to show affection, just like people do when they are in love. In actuality, the love hormone, oxytocin, is released when dogs and people stare at each other.

Dogs use a variety of vocal emotions, including whining. Dogs typically whine when they're excited, scared, or trying to calm you down. They also frequently whine when they want attention.

Having said that, you've learned today about yet another canine behavior that will help you understand your dog more fully.

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