Traveling Safely With Pets: Tips & Tricks

Traveling Safely With Pets: Tips & Tricks

Traveling can be difficult, especially with young children and/or pets. It is not the most comfortable of circumstances, and both children and animals are not exactly known for being patient and accommodating.

Dogs, in particular, have a high inclination for habitual behaviors. They like having a routine and prefer to be surrounded by a familiar environment. This is because they find change jarring and hard to adjust to.

Take the example of the changes caused by COVID-19. Suddenly we found ourselves locked inside our house for extended periods of time without social contact. Pet dogs got so used to the new normal that once the pandemic was over, the impact on dogs' mental health was significant. Separation anxiety, for example, increased by 700 once COVID-19 restrictions eased over time. At the same time, the fear of strangers among pet dogs increased by 295%.

These astonishing figures indicate how uncomfortable adjusting to a new routine is for dogs. Traveling is at the top of the list of most people's top uncomfortable experiences. So, it is naturally difficult to travel with a dog. However, it is not impossible.

How to Safely Travel with Pets

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when traveling with pets to ensure their safety as well as the safety of everyone else traveling with you:

πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Remain Calm And Collected

The first step to traveling is to remain calm and maintain composure. Yes, there will be times when your pet may get agitated and behave in a manner to indicate their frustration. However, you need to keep yourself from panicking.

It can get embarrassing, and fellow travelers may complain that your pet is loud or disruptive. But try to handle the situation as soon as possible. Your pet, especially if it is a dog, can sense when you are unsettled or feeling frustrated. This can increase your pet's anxiety even further and encourage disruptive behavior. Keep your calm and try to do the same with your pet.

Stroke them or talk to them quietly to indicate all is well. Show your concern so your pet knows you are there for them and they feel comforted. Doing this will also signal to other passengers that you are in control, and they have nothing to worry about. In any situation that may occur with your pet, you can handle it without any problems.

🩺 Consult Your Vet

It doesn't matter whether your pet has a preexisting condition or not and whether you are traveling with them for the first time or not; it always helps to consult your vet. A specialist can provide advice that is in your pet's best interest.

Get a complete wellness checkup and get your pet's vitals. The vet can provide helpful advice on tackling any problems that may prop up. They may even prescribe medication to help your pet manage their anxiety throughout the travel. You can find the 100mg tradazone for dogs dosage chartonline, but it is always best to consult a vet. They can set the dosage that is suitable according to the size of your pet and their requirements.

✈️ Practice Traveling

Simulate your travel beforehand. Pets need to travel in crates, so start to place your pet inside one a few days before you are set to travel.

This way, your pet will get used to being inside the crate and will not be as unfamiliar. Crate practice is simple and can be very effective. It is good that your pet starts to think of the crate as a second home and becomes comfortable inside it.

You should also take your pet outside more. Get exposure to places surrounded by people so they do not become anxious when around people. You can make your pet more social gradually. Dogs especially do well with socialization.

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» Do Your Research

Check with the travel service you will be taking. There are different rules for different services, even within the airline industry. Some airlines have different weight specifications.

Doing research before travel can save a lot of headache and prevent issues that may arise. You can easily access pet-related rules and policies on the website of the service you will be taking. Even if there is no website, you can call in and inquire.

🦴 Keep Your Pet's Treats

This includes the treats they like and the things that comfort them. These include favorite blankets and pillows, and even toys. Just make sure there are to us that make a sound because that can annoy other travelers. You need to be very of the comfort of others and your own.

Make your pet as comfortable as possible. Giving them treats for good behavior throughout the journey will motivate them and keep them happy. In addition to this, make sure they are comfortable and taken care of completely.

Having familiar things around them can be a source of comfort and provide a safe environment in the midst of unfamiliar territory and circumstances.

πŸ”Ί Further Precautions

Traveling safety precautions vary depending on the means of transportation you will be taking. So be mindful of the specific situation in which you will be putting your pet. Traveling by car can be difficult if your pet doesn't have enough space. So, rent a car with plenty of space, especially if you have a large pet.

Another important thing you can do is to stop multiple times for rest. Stop the car at a rest area so your pet can get out and stretch. It is good to let your dog outside so they can move a little and relieve themselves.

For air travel, be prepared to be around a lot of people and get in ones. Teach your pet to behave and not make unnecessary noise. Airplanes are confirms spaces and it can get uncomfortable so maximize your pet's comfort as much as possible.

Most important, check the airplane company's policy for taking pets. What the crate size should be? What sized pets can travel with you, and which can only travel in the luggage section? You must know the answer to these critical questions before getting on board.

Safety Before Anything

The most important thing when traveling is ensuring safety. When traveling with pets, you must ensure that you have done everything to make the journey safe for your pet and others.

It is wrong if someone else feels disturbed or annoyed because of your pet. Some problems are unavoidable, and you may have to settle a tantrum or two. However, being prepared helps a lot.


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