7 Best Christmas Activities to Do with Your Dog This Year

7 Best Christmas Activities to Do with Your Dog This Year

It's beginning to smell like Christmas! This time of the year brings us so much joy and love because we spend magic moments with our family and friends, including our four-legged best friend.

Our dogs are more than friends; they are members of our family who participate in all Christmas traditions.

Some of the favorite Christmas traditions include the delightful scent of fresh home-cooked dishes and flavored sweets, shopping for presents, decorating the tree, and so much more.

In this article, I will mention some wonderful ideas for Christmas activities to enjoy with your pup.

What are the best Christmas activities to do with your dog?

1. Cook with your dog: Christmas treatos

Cooking Christmas treats with your dog
"Treatos iz life"

One of the most enticing aspects of the Christmas season is the variety of fresh homemade treats.

While we enjoy festive food, much of it is incredibly poisonous and unhealthy for our dogs.

Baking some tasty, healthy goodies with your dog is a fun hobby that will both entertain him and keep him from stealing your food.

Rover.com has a friendly article with homemade dog Christmas treat recipes from where you can get inspired.

2. Walk to see the Christmas lights

Walk to see the Christmas lights
"Sniffin' the lights"

In December, cities are decked out with Christmas decorations and dazzling lighting. Taking your pup for a walk in the evening on a frosty night will fill both of you with happiness.

When you come back home, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, get your dog some Christmas treats and get under the warm and fluffy blanket with your best fren'. Cuddling or Netflix and chill, you decide.

3. Netflix and chill with your buddy

Netflix and chill with your buddy
"Doin' a relax"

As a continuation of what I said above, Netflix and chill is a relaxing activity that you can do with your furry best friend. Be sure you choose a Christmasy movie so you can get in the holiday spirit. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is an epic one, if you want to give it a try.

4. Play in the snow

Playing in the snow
"I wuv snowballs" 

Now, the fun part stays in playing in the snow. Your garden or some nearby park with lots of snow can be an amazing playground.  

Here are some ideas: running, fetching, building a snowman, making snow angels (it will be funny), snowball fighting, fetching with snowballs, playing with other furry friends.

5. Take Christmas family photos with your dog

Take Christmas family photos with your dog
"I'm happ"

Photos are our frozen memories that you can take with you forever. What better way to immortalize the Christmas memories with your dog than to take photos together.

You may also get a Polaroid camera to take instant images and use them to decorate your room.

Photographs could be taken around the Christmas tree, in a decorated room of the house, outside in the snow, with the snowman, or with the Christmas lights.

6. Unpack Christmas gifts

Unpack Christmas gifts
"I must detect"

Oh, dear!  When it's about Christmas gifts and unpacking, your dog will be the first to enjoy this activity.

You know how curious dogs are about anything packed. The best example is when you bring a bag home and your dog is so curious about what you might have inside that he sticks his nose in it.

So, unpacking the Christmas presents with your dog will be a funny and memorable moment to remember. Obviously, a present for him should be included.

7. Include your dog to Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner

Including your dog in the family Christmas dinner will bring him much joy. Prepare his food and place it near/at your table so that your dog feels included.

Also, if you're having relatives around for a special dinner, make sure your dog comes along. It will undoubtedly enjoy all of the attention it receives; just make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer on hand. When the food is served, make sure that all of the guests are aware of the restrictions surrounding feeding your dog from the table (if any exist, of course).

Christmas is one of the best moments to celebrate with the dearest people and with the furriest of the family. I hope that I have encouraged you to find some enjoyable activities to do with your dog.