100 Star Wars Names for Dogs [Male, Female]

Here you will find the most popular names for your furry buddy if you are a fan of Star Wars and want something inspirational. 💫

100 Star Wars Names for Dogs [Male, Female]

Are you a Star Wars fan looking for the perfect name for your furry friend that reflects your love for the franchise? Look no further! There are plenty of Star Wars-inspired dog names to choose from that are both unique and meaningful.

From classic characters like Chewbacca and Yoda to newer favorites like BB-8 and Rey, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Star Wars dog names. Whether you have a large breed dog or a smaller pup, there is a name that will suit your furry friend's personality perfectly.

Star Wars Names for Dogs

Category Male Names Female Names
Jedi Inspired Names Obi Ahsoka
Anakin Rey
Yoda Luminara
Rebel Alliance Inspired Names Han Leia
Lando Mon Mothma
Wedge Jyn
Empire Inspired Names Vader Phasma
Palpatine Sabine
Tarkin Asajj
Creature Inspired Names Chewie Acklay
Bantha Boga
Dewback Dianoga
Droid Inspired Names R2-D2 C-3PO
BB-8 K-2SO
IG-88 L3-37
Planet Inspired Names Alderaan Coruscant
Dagobah Endor
Hoth Jakku
Ship Inspired Names Falcon Ghost
Star Destroyer Tantive IV
X-wing TIE Fighter
Bounty Hunter Inspired Names Boba Zam
Cad Aurra
Dengar Asajj
Sith Inspired Names Malak Ventress
Revan Mara
Nihilus Satele
Force User Inspired Names Cal Jarael
Ezra Visas
Kanan Juhani
Outer Rim Inspired Names Cassian Aayla
Jango Aurra
Quinlan Zam
Miscellaneous Inspired Names Chopper Salacious
Kit Oola
Plo Zuckuss

If you love Star Wars, giving your dog a name that includes the franchise can be a cute and meaningful way to express your admiration for the film series. Whether you go with a traditional character name or something more original, the name you give your pet is likely to draw attention and start conversations. And who knows, maybe your dog will go on to become a Jedi survivor like Ahsoka Tano!

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