5 Most Popular Purebred Dog Breeds [Also Expensive]

Learn about the most expensive purebred dog breeds, which are also popular. Find out what makes them special and why people are so interested in them.

5 Most Popular Purebred Dog Breeds [Also Expensive]

Some people prefer having purebred dogs because they have predictable temperaments and better health conditions.

What actually means purebred dog?

A purebred dog is a dog of a modern breed of dog, with written documentation showing the individual purebred dog's descent from its breeds' foundation stock.
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There are over 340 recognized purebred dogs. Some are more popular than others, and, in this article, I'll present you, 5 of the most popular pure dog breeds.

You must know that pure dog breeds for sale are not that cheap. But these breeds are worth all the money. With a big personality, these dogs will win your heart.

1. Purebred Akita Inu

akita inu

Purebreds Akita Inu are some of the most popular dog breeds known for their loyalty and love for their family. They are also an image of Hachikō, a Japanese Akita dog with remarkable loyalty to his owner.

How much do Akita Inu puppies cost?

Purebred Akita puppies will cost between approximately $600 - $2000, depending on the breeder, bloodline, family health history, and American Kennel Club (AKC).

Akita Inu's lifespan is 10 – 12 years. This breed is also the world's oldest living dog, recognized by Guinness World Records. This doggo lived 26 years and 9 months, and died at its home in Sakura, Tochigi Prefecture.

2. Purebred Siberian Husky

siberian husky

The purebred Siberian Husky is a medium to large sled breed dog. Originally from northeast Siberia, the Siberian Husky is admired for its looks and athleticism.

Siberian Huskies are charming, loving, and intelligent with lots of energy. This breed must be trained from an early age to prevent destructive behavior. He gets bored quickly, that's why he needs proper training and activities.

How much do Siberian Husky puppies cost?

Purebred Siberian Husky puppies will cost between $975-$2500.

Siberian Husky's lifespan is 12 – 15 years. Because of their popularity, many of them are bred with no care by bad breeders. This has led to a lot of ill bred Huskies. Be careful from where you choose your baby Husky. Take time to find a good breeder!

3. Purebred Chow-Chow

chow chow

The purebred The Chow Chow comes from the northern part of China. There, they are called "songshi quan", which means "puffy-lion dog".

Chow Chows were originally bred as a working dog. These "lion dogs" are intelligent and independent with much love for their family.

How much do Chow Chow puppies cost?

Purebred Chow Chow puppies will cost between $1500-$2200.

Chow Chow's lifespan is 11–13 years. What is unique at these doggos is that they have a blue tongue. Puppies have light pink tongue, just like other breeds, but it will become darker with age. Full-grown Chow Chows have dark blue tongues.

4. Purebred Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd

The purebred Australian Shepherd is a smart and lively breed, derived from British herding breeds. The Australian Shepherd dog is partly responsible for creating other different breeds worldwide, like these two popular breeds: the German Shepherd and the Border Collie.

How much do Australian Shepherd puppies cost?

Purebred Australian Shepherd puppies will cost between $800-$2000, depending on the puppy’s bloodline and health records.

Australian Shepherd's lifespan is 13 – 15 years. This breed is adorable as a puppy, but when also highly active as an adult. A lot of exercise and proper training is needed for this pups.

5. Purebred Chinese Shar Pei

shar pei

The purebred Chinese Shar Pei is an ancient dog that comes from China as a hunting breed. The charming Shar Pei is known for its wrinkles and skin folds and for being a great dog companion for families.

How much do Chinese Shar Pei puppies cost?

Purebred Chinese Shar Pei puppies will cost between $1000-$1500, but they can reach even $2500 for a top-quality pup.

Chinese Shar Pei's lifespan is 9 – 11 years. Shar Pei dogs are pretentious when is about health. You must have a closer relationship with the vet as they are prone to many health issues like: allergies and skin fold infections, hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems and some others.

If you decide to get a purebred dog, I suggest you make some research about the particular breed, and also to find the parent club of the breed you love. Every dog breed has a parent club with acknowledged and passionate people.

Hope you will get the dog of your dreams!

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