13 Facts About Poodle Dogs [Toy, Miniature, Standard]

13 Facts About Poodle Dogs [Toy, Miniature, Standard]
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Intelligent, stylish with a high level of energy, Poodle is a great dog with an attitude that will make your life complete.

Most known for being an athletic show winner with a regal attitude, this dog breed is highly active. A Poodle loves to run and play and also has a clingy personality that will definitely make your days better.

This dog breed is one of the most loyal and dedicated dogs for families. One of its many qualities is to make you laugh. Having a Poodle as a best friend you’ll feel loved and protected. This dog breed doesn’t like being alone and it is also very sensitive and loving.

The following facts will convince you that Poodles are one of the most beautiful and special dogs that are worth being your best friend for life.

What should I know about Poodles in general?

  1. One of the most active dog breeds
  2. Highly intelligent dog breed
  3. Poodles are not French, but German
  4. Among the healthiest dog breeds
  5. Hypoallergenic Dogs: NO shedding, NO drooling
  6. Poodles created the most popular crossbreeds
  7. Poodles are excellent swimmers
  8. One-person dog, very loyal to its owner
  9. Fashionable on the outside, hunting dog on the inside
  10. Companions to some good celebrities
  11. Poodles have hair, not fur
  12. Poodles favor people above other animals
  13. There are actually 4 varieties of Poodles

1. One of the most active dog breeds

poodle running

Poodles are indeed one of the most active dog breeds. These dogs never get tired and they need a lot of exercise and walks. For this reason, traveling with poodles is real happiness.

The adorable curly-haired dogs are always happy and absolutely love running and playing. You’ll never get bored with a Poodle.

Zoomies are an everyday “routine”. Especially after a bath, when the energy strikes, it is the perfect moment to enjoy their goofiness.

2. Highly intelligent dog breed

intelligent poodle

🧠 Poodles are extremely smart and easy to train. When it comes to obedience and work, they’re really good at it.

These dogs have a high instinctive intelligence because they really know to adapt. Their eagerness makes them great service dogs. Poodles are also good as guide dogs for people with physical disabilities. 🦮

Not to forget about the fact that they are amazing therapy dogs because of their pleasant disposition and happy soul.

Also, in their history, they’ve been great hunting dogs due to their “sharp” noses.

3. Poodles are not French, but German 🇩🇪

Poodles are known to be originated in France and are also called Caniche, which means duck dog. But they actually came from Germany, where they were called Pudel or Pudelin which is a translation of  "splash in the water".

💦 Why this association with water? Because Poodles were and still are water dogs. The Poodle was named after his ability to splash in water because this dog’s job was to hunt ducks and other birds for its owners.

So, they were hunting dogs, as I’ve mentioned above. They still have this skill even now, in the present.

4. Among the healthiest dog breeds

poodle, healthy dog breed

Yes! Poodles are among the healthiest dog breeds with a lifespan of 12-15 years (read about one loved poodle that lived 17 years). They are considered to be a strong dog breed with few health issues. This breed’s history shows that Poodles can live a healthy long life.

👉  Some of the most common Poodle health issues are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gastric torsion
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Thyroid issues
  • Eyes, ears, and skin problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

❤️ One good thing to know is that most Poodles live perfectly healthy and active until their last year of life.

5. Hypoallergenic Dogs: NO shedding, NO drooling

Poodles are hypoallergenic dog breeds perfect for people with allergies. They don’t really shed and drool. Poodles are known to be hypoallergenic dogs for their special and unique coat that is actually hair, not fur. This hair doesn't t shed, but grows.

Most animal allergies are actually reactions to specific animal dander. At Poodles, any stray hair or dander is retained in their coat that can be brushed out. Actually, all dogs have dander, but Poodles have a low level, and the little they have is caught in their coat and can be brushed out easily.

6. Poodles created the most popular crossbreeds

Poodles are among the most popular dog breeds preferred by breeders for crossing purposes. There are over 30 different breeds that have been crossed with Poodles. Some of the most known breeds are:

1. Labradoodle

Poodle + Labrador Retriever 

2. Goldendoodle

Poodle + Golden Retriever 

3. Cavapoo

Poodle + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

4. Cockapoo

Poodle + Cocker Spaniel 

5. Shi Poo

Poodle + Shih Tzu 

6. Bernedoodle

‌ ‌Poodle + Bernese Mountain Dog 

🐩 Poodles are preferred by breeders because they:
🤧 have a low-shedding/hypoallergenic coat
📐 came in three varieties: Toy, Miniature, and Standard + a lot of colors: white, black, golden, brown, and varieties of those mentioned
🧠 are extremely intelligent, loving, and great friends in families with kids

7. Poodles are excellent swimmers

Poodles are water dogs which makes them great swimmers. They possess this physical quality to swim due to their waterproof coats and webbed paws.

These doggos are excellent swimmers and really love to be in the water. Swimming is their DNA for a good historical reason: Poodles were hunting ducks dogs in past Germany some good years ago.

Taking your Poodle to swim with you at the beach, or by the pool on hot summer days is the best choice.

8. One-person dog, very loyal to its owner

loving poodle
Poodles are among the dog breeds great for families, but they will choose one person to get attached only. They pick their favorite person in the house to be loyal to forever.

This usually happens when they have built trust and a special bond with that person before meeting anybody else, or when that person is the one who looks after him the majority of the time.

Poodles will give endless love to their favorite person. They spend most of their time with their chosen person following that person everywhere. Their loyalty is amazing. Poodles get overprotective sometimes, but they give the best cuddles.

9. Fashionable on the outside, hunting dog on the inside

fashionable, but hunting dogs inside

Despite their fashionable reputation, their stylish haircut is made for a reason. Having less hair in some parts of the body will help Poodles swim better.

Although this haircut comes with the advantage of giving some boost in swimming, also makes them more vulnerable to cold water.

10. Companions to some famous celebrities over time

Poodle, companion to some famous celebrities over time

These charming, fashionable, and curly dogs have been companions to some of the most famous celebrities like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Princess Grace Kelly, Rihanna, and many more great celebrities of all time.

🌟 Poodles are preferred by everyone, including celebrities, due to their pleasant-natured personality and their overall adaptability.

11. Poodles have hair, not fur

poodles have hair not fur

Did you know that Poodles have actually hair, not fur? Yes, a Poodle’s coat is not considered fur. Their hair has a low level of shedding and it will continue to grow and grow long and fluffy. That’s why Poodles need to be regularly groomed in order to keep their hair untangled and stylish. Daily brushing is also suggested in this case.

✂️ Poodle’s unique hair is curly and dense and due to its unique texture, it can be groomed and stylish in a variety of fancy forms.

Most owners choose to go with their Poodles at a professional groomer, but if you want and have enough time, you can learn to groom your pup by yourself. There are many tutorials on the internet that are useful and learn you how to easily groom your Poodle.

12. Poodles favor people above other animals

Yep, Poodles will always choose their human buddies over other pets, as they are very devoted and eager to please their owners.

13. There are actually 4 varieties of Poodles

There is a medium-sized Poodle in addition to the Toy, Miniature, and Standard varieties, but the AKC does not recognize it.

The Medium Poodle is also called Moyen (French 🇫🇷) or Klein (German 🇩🇪) and it is just a bit smaller than the Standard one and a bit larger than the Miniature, measuring 15 – 20 inches tall.


Having a Poodle will make your life more interesting. This loving and charming dog breed has a complex personality that you could never get bored with.

Poodles are very devoted to their owners, and once bonded, they don't let you go As I mentioned above, they will choose one person as owner even though it gets well with the rest of the family. If you’ll be its chosen person, then you’ll have a guardian angel for life.

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