Can Vizslas Be Crate Trained? Tips You Must Know

Can Vizslas Be Crate Trained? Tips You Must Know
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Vizslas are lively dog breeds that are social and needy by nature. They are always in for a play and run, and never miss an opportunity of hanging out wherever their owners go out.

They are great with kids, strangers, and other animals in general, and they strive for attention.

Vizslas are known as Velcro dogs, which means they are pretty much bonded with their people. That's a good thing and a bad thing, too.

The good thing is that you'll always have a great and loyal companion to share your life with, but the bad part is that Vizslas are prone to separation anxiety because they can't deal with staying alone.

One way to ease this problem is by using the crate as a safe haven.

How is that? Well, sometimes using a crate for your Vizsla while you are away will help him/her cope with anxiety and keep all the danger away.

Attention: The crate is not for every dog. Test your pup before trying to let him/her alone home in a crate. Don't force your dog if it doesn't seem comfortable.

In this article, I'll expose you to all the information you need to know in order to know whether crate training can work for your Vizsla or not.

Is it good to crate train a dog?

Crate training a dog is ok as long as you are not forcing your dog to stay in a crate if he/she doesn't seem to enjoy it.

With good training, the crate is a good idea.

βœ… Good reasons to crate train your Vizsla:

  • A crate can be a safe haven (comfy & calm space) for your Vizsla pup, an isolated space, when its surroundings become too loud or overwhelming.
  • If your dog is crate trained, it will be easier to travel by plane or car.
  • It can be also a safe place for a puppy to meet guests who are afraid of dogs.
  • A crate can be a good method of disciplining and training a Vizsla. It also eliminates the dog's tendency to destroy items all around the house.
  • Helps for keeping Vizslas chewing on home furnishings.

❌ Bad reasons to crate train your Vizsla:

  • Self-harming: a Vizsla can panick and self-hurt itself while trying to escape the crate
  • His/her separation anxiety can increase if left alone in the crate without proper training and a positive reaction
  • Too much time closed in the crate can be dangerous. Locking a dog in a crate for an extended period of time will cause fear and depression and the dog will believe that it is being punished.

How hard are Vizslas to crate train?

Let sleeping dogs lie
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Crate training a Vizsla may be challenging and can take a lot of patience and attention. But it's not impossible! That is why it is best to begin effective training early, and your Vizsla will adjust to appreciate the crate.

What size crate do you need for a Vizsla?

When picking a crate for your Vizsla, two elements must be considered: the dog's size and temperament.

Size is crucial since it is hard to crate train a dog in a crate that is either too small or too large for him.

Vizlas are medium-sized dogs, but because they are often long and slender they require more space than their measures would suggest. For a Vizsla size, several manufacturers recommend a 36-inch length crate.

Is crate training really necessary for my Vizsla?

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Nope! Is it your choice to crate train your pup, because you better know your Vizsla's temperament and level of adaptation.

We recommend you to read as much as possible about this possibility, then talk to your vet and make a choice!

πŸ€” So, can Vizla be crate trained?

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Yes, Vizslas can be crate trained, if he positivley responds to it.

By including blankets and toys inside the crate, you can help your Vizsla feel secure and also to ensure that your companion is comfortable.

Given that Vizslas are a very sensitive dog breed, positive reinforcement is essential when training them.

Never use bad treatment or react harshly, if you are discouraged with your Vizsla. In this way you'll only make training more complicated since your dog can stop participating in activities if he identifies them with your anger.

When your Vizsla does an action right, praise him. If he/she is having trouble understanding something, simply keep trying. This will increase his/her motivation for training and give you a dog who will be excited to learn for the rest of his life.

When it comes to crate training a Vizsla puppy, training treats are a crucial tool since they could be used as both attractions and rewards to encourage good behavior and develop a strong attachment with the crate over time.

Where should the crate be placed?

The best place for the crate in your home is in your room, near your bed. This placement will make your Vizsla feel safe and unabandoned, feeling you near.

Also, this practice will overcome you Vizsla's separation anxiety.

Avoid faraway places, cold or too hot areas, or places that have sharp objects that may represent a potential danger for you dog.

Is crate training a dog cruel?

🟒 As long as your dogs sees the crate as a safe heaven and it feels comfortable and relaxed, then it's not cruel.

πŸ”΄ If your dog seems to be anxious when left in a crate and you insist and left her/him locked for a long period of time, the this is cruel!

Can Vizsla be left alone for 8 hours?

Without sufficient training, 8 hours may be too much for a vizsla. Their capacity to endure being left alone is only about 4-5 hours.