5 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds: When dogs attack

Let me clarify from the beginning: aggressive dog breeds aren't bad dog breeds.  Any dog can become aggressive if they don't receive proper training and care.

Many small dog breeds tend to be more aggressive than big dogs. But larger breeds are always on the list when it comes to "dangerous dogs".

Indeed, we can speak about damage potential that is clearly used to evaluate a dog breed. For example, a German Shepherd can cause much damage compared to a little Chihuahua. But the level of aggressivity can be higher at Chihuahua.

Any dog that endures abuse, neglect, or endangerment can become aggressive. Does it mean these dogs are bad? NOOT at all.

So,  how exactly, can we define aggression in dogs? When we hear about aggression in dogs, we may think about dogs that bite, growl, bark, and are a threat to anyone.

Actually, aggressively is when a dog is high prey drive. When is this happening?

Dogs tend to be aggressive in specific situations, such as:

  • they deal with a social aggression
  • they are feeling afraid, in pain, possessive, protective, frustrated, etc

Let's see some of the most aggressive dog breeds and when they attack:

1. Pit Bull


The first on the list is the one you have already imagined: Pit Bull.

Pit Bull is actually a common name for American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully.

There’s a lot to talk about these doggos. Pit Bulls are often known to be the most dangerous dog breeds with all kinds of  news about injured or killed people.

When Pit Bulls attack?

IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW that Pit Bulls often attack a human because they are afraid.

Other reasons:

  • They are territorial
  • They are in pain
  • They are sick
  • They are possesive: food aggression
  • They anxious or panicked

Pit Bulls are so feared because they attack by strongly biting their target, but with a specific movement: after they bite, they shake their head back and forth within the biting. This attack style can lead to serious injuries and even death.

But what news omits to say is that the pit bull attack was caused by something.

What the news often neglects to report is whether there was a trigger for the aggression, so it’s difficult to say why the dog attacked. So, Pit Bulls, like any other dog, attack with a reason.

Unfortunately, Pit Bulls have been used for dog fighting because of their muscular build. Indeed, the American Pit Bull Terrier may be genetically predisposed to aggressive tendencies.

For unpleasant situations, it is really recommended that every dog should be properly trained.

What you also should know is that Pit Bulls really can make loving and devoted pets, but it is important to give them continuous socialization with both humans and other animals.

2. German Shepherd


Another dog prone to aggressivity is the German Shepherd dog breed.

There is not a coincidence that German Shepherds are often used as police dogs. This "wolf dogs" are extremely intelligent and nature athletic dogs. They are highly trainable and strong that make a intimidating opponents for intruders.

So, they are dangerous if they attack because their bite is strong enough to break bones.

When German Shepherds attack?

IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW that German Shepherds often attack a human because they think are threatened.

An uneducated German Shepherd dog can be a cause of the attacks. Certain natural human behaviors can be perceived as a threat by a dog. When German Shepherd attacks unexpectedly, biological or genetic factors are involved.

This breed is naturally protective of his owner. If the he is not properly trained and socialized, he can become aggressive with strangers.

Like any other dog, German Shepherds show love and they have a lot to give. They are known for having a strong bond with their owners.

3. Chihuahua

These tiny dogs are everywhere! Yeah, it may be funny bit Chihuahuas are one of the most aggressive dog breeds.

If you remember, Chihuahuas appears everywhere like a stressed and nervous dog.

Why Chihuahuas are aggressive?

This dog breed is aggressive because, Chihuahuas are highly territorial. They "suffer" from the small dog syndrome. They are actually big dogs in small bodies, that are not afraid to confront anyone who come close to their personal space.

Compared to a German Shepherd, they are incapable of causing damage.

Chihuahuas tend to be aggressive because they are often inadequately trained. You may be thinking "Why to train a small dog like this!?". Yes, they are harmless, but it can be hard to walk with him in public. They tend to bark a lot, and their sound is not one of the relaxing one. 😅

If they are trained, they can be lovable couch potato friends.

4. Dachshunds


Here is another small dog breed among the most aggressive breeds. As I've researched I found that Dachshunds are the most aggressive dog breeds when it comes to aggression against both humans and other animals.

Why Dachshunds are aggressive?

Dachshunds have a strong prey drive stimulus. They become aggressive if they're not trained properly. They can’t do much damage, but persistent barking can become a problem to others.

This dog breed tend to have inappropriate behaviors such as growling, barking and jumping and is not a good idea to let them alone with animals smaller than them.

This cute short legs pup is very  intelligent and independent. If they are well trained they are devoted and loving. They love to cuddle and snuggle.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers were originally guard dogs and they are also used as police dogs.

They are known for being aggressive dogs, but is not entirely true. They are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. With the proper training, they can be very sociable and friendly dogs.

When Doberman Pinscher attack?

Dobermans often attack because of these couple of factors: territorial, fear, pain, dominance, induced and learned aggression.

Some Dobermans can be aggressive toward people they don’t know to protect their owners. Early training and socialization is recommended in order to have a well behaved Doberman.

Dobermans are people-oriented dogs that are affectionate with people, if they are trained properly. They are devoted to their owners and tend to bond only to one person.

Other Aggressive Dog Breeds:

  • Rottweiler
  • Cane Corso
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Akita
  • Chow Chow

So, aggressive dog breeds do exist because of their nature. But imagine that are Pit Bulls that are a cupcake and the most tempered dog on the planet, but other Pit Bulls that can be one of the most naughty dogs. That's why big dog breeds are often unfairly labeled as being the most aggressive dogs on the earth.

Proper training is extremely important when it comes to deal with aggression. Training also ensures the safety of your dog and anyone around the dog.

Hope you enjoyed the article! Paws and love 'till the next time! 🐾

Bianca Muche

Bianca Muche