Is Menthol Spray Safe for Dogs? Things You Must Know

Is Menthol Spray Safe for Dogs? Things You Must Know

Male canines have amazing senses of smell and can detect a female in heat from up to three miles away. Dogs have territorial boundaries and can generally detect any intact females within those bounds.

While a dog is in heat, menthol spray can help hide its odor. These sprays can significantly control your female's smell while also calming your male.

Apparently, menthol spray is meant to be sprayed on your female dog. It is recommended  using it on both of your pups, though. Indeed, if your male dog smells like menthol, he won't be able to sense your female.

Usage of menthol spray for dogs

What is a menthol spray for dogs in heat? Menthol spray for dogs in heat is a solution with a strong menthol scent that helps mask your dog's odor.

How to often should I use menthol spray on my dog?

Before using it, talk to your dog's vet, to be sure your fluffy friend is out of dangerous area. As I've researched, the spray can be used on female dogs multiple times each day to keep the males calm when they are in the same house or area as the females. But, be sure to follow the directions from your vet.

🚫 Indeed, make sure your pooches don't lick this spray off because high amounts can be poisonous.

Is menthol toxic for dogs?

Menthol is typically regarded as safe for usage in dogs, although excessive doses can be poisonous. The first thing to consider before buying a menthol spray for your dog, consult with its veterinarian to see if it can be applied to its coat.

Is menthol spray safe for dogs? Menthol is another substance that can be harmful. Because menthol is an irritant to the tissues of the mouth and digestive system, your dog could puke, have diarrhea, a stomach pain. 

Does menthol smell bother dogs?

Strong odors are quite irritating to some dogs, and they despise them. While some dogs dislike menthol, some exhibit unusual behavior, such as rubbing on the floor, while others tolerate it.

Where to buy menthol spray for dogs?

Menthol spray for dogs its safe to be bought from vet or specialized pet pharmacy. Be sure to check every website before buying online. Check the reviews or the products to be from a trusted company.

*Disclaimer: Do not treat this article as medical advice. Keep in mind to ask the vet first. Do not use menthol spray without talking to a specialist.