Dog Christmas Tree Topper: Ornament of the Year for Dog Lovers

Dog Christmas Tree Topper: Ornament of the Year for Dog Lovers

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, each year has its own trend.

There are many lovely and unique Christmas tree decorations available for dog lovers, including lighting, hanging ornaments, and tree toppers.

Speaking of tree toppers, this year delivers the much-desired dog Christmas tree topper, a charming ornament that will catch anyone's eye.

iHeartDogs Christmas Tree Topper Decoration 

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A 'Christmas Miracle' Illuminated Dog Angel Artisan Decor Ornament could be a good gift for you this Christmas, but also for other dog lovers you know (friends, family, colleagues).

In addition to being a wonderful ornament, this tree topper decoration also has a meaningful backstory. The entire profit from this ornament is used to provide food for other dogs. For every angel tree topper bought, will donate 30 meals to shelter dogs.
"And when you buy this adorable angel dog for your holiday collection, you’re an angel to an entire shelter of hungry dogs because everyone gets a meal thanks to your purchase. That’s thirty hearty meals for thirty deserving dogs".

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