Do Dogs Shed More in the Summer? Here's an Interesting PoV

Dogs may associate summer with pleasure in the sun, but it can also bring about shedding season! Keep your buddy looking its best all summer long by learning how to control the shedding process. ☀️

Do Dogs Shed More in the Summer? Here's an Interesting PoV

Dogs generally do shed more in the summer, as they naturally have a thicker coat during the winter months to help keep them warm. Their bodies naturally lose extra fur as the temperature rises in the summer to keep them cooler. But different breeds shed at differently, and shedding patterns can also be influenced by things including age, health, and environment. Regular brushing and grooming can help control shedding and maintain a healthy, glossy coat on your dog.

Does hot weather cause dogs to shed more?

Yes, hot weather can cause dogs to shed more. Dogs may shed off extra fur when it gets hot to help them control their body temperatures and keep cool. The act of shedding encourages the growth of new hair by removing damaged and dead hair. Remember that a dog's shedding pattern might vary based on the breed, the dog's age and health, and the environment in which they live. In the summer, some dogs may shed more than others.

Here are some breeds that shed more comparative with the ones that shed less in summer:

Dogs that Shed More in Summer Dogs that Shed Less in Summer
Golden Retriever Poodle (sheds less from none)
Labrador Retriever Bichon Frise
Siberian Husky Shih Tzu
German Shepherd Maltese
Chow Chow Yorkshire Terrier
Obviously, this is just an example, and different dogs may have different shedding habits. 

Is it normal for dogs to lose hair in the summer?

husky shedding more in summer

Yes, it is normal for dogs to lose hair in the summer. Dogs naturally lose their hair to help them adapt to changes in weather and their surroundings. To help them stay cool in the summer, they shed off their heavier winter coat.

Stress, nutrition, and hormonal fluctuations are a few more elements that can affect how much you shed. Some dogs may shed more than others, and excessive shedding may indicate a serious health problem that has to be treated by a vet.

How long do dogs shed in the summer?

As mentioned before, a dog's summer shedding period can vary depending on a number of factors including the breed, the dog's age and health, and the climate in which they live. While some dogs may shed for only a few weeks at a time, others may shed continuously all summer long.

Frequent brushing and grooming may maintain your dog's hair healthy and lustrous and assist control shedding. To rule out any underlying health issues, it is necessary to visit a vet if you detect excessive shedding or other changes in your dog's coat or skin.

So, do dogs really shed more in summer?

Yes, dogs naturally lose their fur to maintain a healthy coat and control their body temperature. While shedding can happen at any time of the year, dogs typically shed more in the summer when they lose their heavier winter coats to stay cooler. Breed, individual characteristics, and environment can all affect how much a dog sheds.

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