Can You Be Allergic to Hypoallergenic Dogs? The Truth Behind the Myth

Can You Be Allergic to Hypoallergenic Dogs? The Truth Behind the Myth
Photo by Wade Austin Ellis / Unsplash

Hypoallergenic dog breeds are a modern subject that is quite often discussed.

What are actually hypoallergenic dogs? These kinds of pups could be any dog breed that releases less dander in the air. In other words, hypoallergenic dog breeds are dogs that shed and drool less than other dogs, which can be tolerated by allergic people.

Therefore, compared to other dogs that shed more, hypoallergenic dogs spread less dander that could cause allergic reactions.

So, hypoallergenic dog breeds aren't actually 100% hypoallergenic.

Can someone still be allergic to hypoallergenic dogs?

Yes. The fact that a dog is hypoallergenic doesn't mean is completely allergic-free.

Because different breeds of dogs don't release the same proteins, some people can only tolerate a certain kind of dog and not a particular breed. In other words, a person may respond to one kind of breed and be symptom-free with another dog of the same breed.

Is only the fur that causes allergies? What about a non-furry dog?

Not the fur, but the dog's dander is the allergen. Dander is what truly causes an allergic reaction, thus even a dog with modest shedding or non shedding at all might still emit it into the air.

People with pet allergies may also be allergic to the proteins found in pet saliva, urine, and feces in addition to dander.

Yes, people can still be allergic to hypoallergenic dogs

Summing up, there are no dogs that are fully non-allergic to people. The two key deciding elements are the organism resistance of the person and the quantity of dog dander emitted.

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