Can Purebred Poodles Be Multicolored? Yes, 2 & 3 Colors

Can Purebred Poodles Be Multicolored? Yes, 2 & 3 Colors

Poodles are a beloved breed of dog known for their distinctive curly coats and intelligence.

But did you know that Poodles can actually come in a variety of colors? Yes, poodles can be multicolored! The traditional Poodle color is solid white, but they can also be black, gray, apricot, silver, brown, cream, red, and more.

Can Purebred Poodles Be Multicolored?

Yes, purebred poodles can be multicolored. The Poodle breed comes in a variety of coat colors. They can be: two-colored or three-colored, and are also known as parti Poodles.

Two-Colored Poodles (Parti)

Poodles can also be two-colored, with one color on the body and one on the head, neck, and leg areas. This can create a unique, multicolored look that many people find attractive.

The two-color pattern is called “parti” or “tricolor,” and it is especially popular among Poodle owners.

A parti Poodle will have two distinct colors, usually white and another color, such as black, gray, or apricot. The two colors should be distinct, with no blending or fading of the colors.

Poodles that have three distinct colors are known as “tricolor”. These dogs will have one solid color, such as black, as the main color, and then two other colors, such as white and gray.

Are parti Poodles more expensive?

Yes, Parti Poodles are more expensive compared to other Poodle varieties, due to their distinctive coloring and pattern, and the interest for them as a breed. The price of a Parti Poodle can vary depending on a number of criteria, including the breeder's reputation, the dog's size, and the region.


So, the answer is yes, Poodles can be multicolored. Parti Poodles can be obtained from reputable breeders. If you are looking for a multicolored Poodle, you may have to look through a few breeders before you find one. Be sure to research the breeder first and ask for references before committing to a purchase.

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